Wireframe of roadside rest stop - Marfa, TX (1998)

Long-term Design Solutions : Natural & Mechanical Systems Integration : Community Based Design

In May of 2002, the University of New Mexico awarded Cooke the Master’s in Architecture with distinction.

After a career designing and building furniture and commercial tenant improvements, he returned to school to explore the possibilities for longer-term architectural solutions in commercial and community-based projects.

Since May of 2002 he has provided land use and energy planning services to non-profits, and continues to provide environmentally responsible planning and design services to clients with commercial and civic interests in California, Colorado, New Mexico, and Montana.

His commitment to meaningful design solutions extends to species recovery facilities, bicycles, and pocket agriculture.


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Common title to the future and fused horizons depends on the wholesale poaching of territory, mind, and spirit. ¶ With the exception of Furniture Studio student work, borrow at will from this site for non-commercial use. Please contact me to discuss commercial uses.

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Basho, Lynch & Schrödinger

37º35'14.13"N 105º28'58.69"W

Dunes in the San Luis



and Forgiveness.

When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle.
Then I realised God doesn’t work that way, so I stole
one and prayed for forgiveness.
- Emo Philips

Bicycles and Forgiveness Gallery


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Emo Phillips

In five movements

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Bicycles and Forgiveness Gallery

A new kind of car wash.

w/ Wright & Hammer Architects

Coming soon

Rain Factory Bird's Eye

Adaptive re-use at its best.

Integrated environmental upgrades.


Link to article on new use.

Strawhouse Market

Environmental Response Consultation (pdf)

Renewable Energy Subsidy Application (pdf)

Formerly The Savory Center, Albuquerque, New Mexico

La Semilla Corral, HMI Headquarters & West Ranch Energy Consult implementation pending

A sampling

HMI — Formerly Savory enter

West Ranch Facility Planning (pdf)

West Ranch Energy Recommendations (pdf)

Crownpoint, New Mexico

w/ Paulina Aguilera-Harwood

Water & Community Gardens Planning
implementation pending

A sampling

Indian Health Services

Typical Report [Constructed Wetland] (pdf)

Hospital Board Resolution (pdf)

Fused Horizons

Thanks to Profs. Paul Lusk, Stephen Dent, & Kuppu Iyengar
Special thanks to Chen Jing

Thesis Position Paper - 2002 (pdf)

Thesis Abstract Broadband Reccomended (flash media)


Albuquerque, New Mexico

Profs. Alf Simon & Teresa Cordova

Design Team Member / 3D Modeling - w/ Paulina Aguilera-Harwood & Bernadette Miera

A dialogue for sustainability: people, place and water (pdf)

Sanchez Farm Renders

Into the New Kadam

Prof. Kramer Woodard

Adaptive re-use from a serio-comic, ersatz Gelug (Yellow Hat) point of view - or, how many trees does a building make?

Studios 501

Recycling a Reservoir

Prof. Stephen Dent

Proposal for a new Fine Arts Plaza at UNM on the site of an existing reservoir.

Studios 502

On a postage stamp

Thanks to Profs. Stephen Dent & Edith Cherry

Extracurricular project based on the 2000 Leading Edge competition. Integration of curriculum, building systems, & site with commodity found in the combination.

Elementary Classrooms & Science Labs


Work 1973-1999 Broadband Reccomended (flash media)

James Cooke :: Work 1973–1999


302 12th street sw
albuquerque, nm 87102

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